Orthodontic — Early Treatment

The American Association of Orthodontists® recommends that all children be examined by age 7 or earlier if there are any signs of problems. By age 7, most children have a mix of baby and permanent teeth, and an orthodontist will be able to identify problems with unequal jaw growth, crowded teeth or other issues in their early stages.

The main advantage of early treatment and diagnosis is that some orthodontic problems are easier to correct when treated early, at the age when treatment will work with their growth spurts. After all of your child’s permanent teeth have grown in, some problems may be more difficult to correct. We recommend that your child comes in for a free consultation to catch any problems early so that we can better provide your child with the smile that they so deserve. The three types of early treatment that may be recommended are: preventive, interceptive and comprehensive.


Preventive treatment is intended to provide space for all of your child’s permanent teeth to grow in and keep crooked teeth and a bad bite from developing.


Interceptive treatment is used to correct problems that could develop into more serious complications in your child’s dental health. Interceptive treatment can also be used to guide permanent teeth into correct positions by resizing or removing teeth. It can also be used to fix problems that may have occurred from thumb-sucking or using a space maintainer to allow room for the permanent teeth.


Comprehensive treatment is used to identify and restore your child’s bite, jaw function and teeth alignment to its optimal condition.

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