Posting Online Reviews

A happy patient will share their experience with maybe one person, and unhappy patient will share their experience with ten! We understand that this is just human nature, but want to make sure you know we want to hear about your experience either way. It is true that you can’t please everyone all the time but that is the goal we want to strive for!

Please call our office to speak with management or the doctor if you have any questions or concerns about the service you receive. We want to make sure we address every issue in positive, helpful way. We are also thrilled when we hear about your fantastic experiences as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Why post an online review?

We just want to note that it’s really, really, REALLY important to share your experience online especially when you receive excellent care.

Why? Most small businesses count on online reviews and it’s been proven in studies that people look online for reviews and make BUYING decisions based on them. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the beast, most people do not take the time to post a good experience.

To make this as simple as possible, here’s some helpful information and links to assist you in giving proper feedback for your treatment:

How to post reviews on some of the top review websites:

How to create a personal Yelp account in 12 steps
How To Write a Review on Yelp
Step by Step Video: How to Add a Review to Google+ Local
(formally known as Google Places or Google Maps)
How to Write a Great Review

If we did a good job serving you, and you could take 5 minutes to go online and share your review that would be THE GREATEST COMPLIMENT you could pay a business like ours.

On behalf of our entire office staff, THANK YOU in advance for your time and consideration when posting your online review.